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Need something in Excel that is not possible in Excel? In this post we’re going to take input from Excel, and deliver the needed output to Excel.

Consider the following challenge: I’ve been trying to get Excel to read an input like “5-10” as “5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10”. I need Excel to be able to distinguish any combination of ranges like 6-12, or 102-220 etc., all reading the data as separate numbers.

Regardless of whether this can be easily solved within Excel, we’ll take a very basic Excel file containing some examples as input (see image 1), process the desired output outside of Excel, and return the final results to Excel as output (image 2).

Image 1. Column B contains input to transform.
Image 2. Desired output in column C, containing full ranges based on column B.

Try it yourself: use this file template and upload your input file (.xls, .xlsx, or .csv) using below form (with default solution S00001).

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