Computation Time

The idea here is to do things once and once only. Create the blueprint for the machines to copy, then to run.

Use building blocks to create tools; tools to build and assemble virtual machines. Machines that get things done for you and others.

Make the mundane effortless. Bring things (physically/mentally) within reach that otherwise would be impossible to obtain; knowledge too. Unlock new areas and access new domains by making overhead disappear; day and night disappear.

Then with the time you have – reinvest it in getting better/more creative at automating things further and better. Study the building blocks, study blueprints of others, study methods and receipes in general. Ideas.

It’s the invisible roundabout route towards achievement – take one step back to take a million steps forward. Tiny steps, billions of them, until goals are met easily. Goals encompassing interconnectedness; time; knowledge; optionality; creativity; compounding productivity; sharing, heuristics; psychology; fun and profit.

It’s called having free time due to having productive thoughts.

Posted from a Wolfram Notebook on: Thu 24 Aug 2023 16:17:51.