RoboAdmin Assets

Some random scalable vector graphics of Program Cards (their shortcodes) in various colors:

Old Trees

According to this dataset on monumental trees, below are the top 5 oldest trees located in Amsterdam (as per May ’22). Juglans nigra, planted 1668. Amsterdamse Bos: Platanus x hispanica, planted 1845: Platanus x hispanica, planted 1865 (actually a set of three trees). Nearby Vondelpark: Fraxinus excelsior, planted 1870. Direction Holysloot: Tilia x vulgaris. ‘Pallida’, …

Ex Excel IV

Challenge: Is it possible to split a CamelCased column to two columns Word 1 and Word 2? Some rows are expected to have only one capitalized letter, in that case display an empty value for Word 2. Try it yourself, using this template. [Form Placeholder]


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